Double V Racing - Brands Hatch

Double V Racing challenges the rain at Brands Hatch

It is the British track of Brands Hatch Indy Circuit to host the second round of the Nascar Whelen Euro Series which, albeit with reduced numbers, returns with the unmissable American Speed Fest. Limit of audience in the stands set at 4,000 daily admissions and sold out on Saturday and Sunday. Organization, team and drivers thank you.

Double V Racing - Brands Hatch


The first tests are for Veronesi to become familiar with the track and to find the rhythm with a conservative car set-up. 16th place for Pier in the first free practice session which, after some changes to the set up and a tire change, becomes 4th place in the second session. Top 5 centered just 4 tenths from the leaders: excellent conditions for qualifying.


A few hours before the start, the rain hits the English track, completely transforming it. Great work in the pits: drivers and teams are forced to review their setups and decide whether to go out with slick or rain tires. The track gradually dries up and the car delays entering the track waiting for optimal conditions, however the English weather is mocking and a gust of wind brings the pouring rain back. Chief engineer Pino urges Veronesi to get out as soon as possible but it is too late: not even time to warm up the tires and the track becomes humid and then wet. It’s like racing on oil, it’s very difficult to stay on track with dry tires, 9th place on the starting grid is the best we could hope for. Bravo Pier! Top 10.


On Saturday afternoon the race is held in dry conditions, a real test for drivers and teams to check whether the qualifying set-up is suitable or not. The start of the Bolognese is good but he must immediately defend himself from the attacks behind him and keep himself safe from the tussle in front of him between Garisto and Lanza. For more than half the race Pierluigi consolidates his ninth place, looking for a possible opening to pass the Ukrainian Sokolovskiy. A nice duel of braking and stretching, in the end Pier wins and at the end of the main straight, before the Paddock Hill curve, he gives us a terrific overtaking. Now he has a clear path and sets out in pursuit of the Czech Doubek, catching him only at the end of the race, too late to be able to launch a winning attack. Veronesi finishes eighth, is still Top 10.   


4.00 pm Sunday, the weather is unpredictable and a shower of water from drivers already in the car hits the English track, the race is immediately declared wet. Drivers and teams find themselves looking up in search of a clue about the unpredictable weather, which would have determined the fate of the race within half an hour. Minutes pass, the rain weakens and the sun even appears among the leaden clouds. The riders take to the track with slicks despite the tangible risk. Veronesi, aboard his Mustang number 27, is in the sixth row but he is not intimidated and at the start he does not make a mistake, putting his opponents in and recovering positions. Throughout the race he finds himself in the exhausts Kunz, the German is a tough nut to crack and on lap 21 he manages to take advantage of a straight from the Bolognese at the Graham Hill curve – rally-style off-piste excursion included – to pass him. Clean the tires Pier sets off in pursuit of Kuntz, reaching him only four laps from the end and with a race pace that does not allow him to launch the decisive attack. Again 8th place for him, second TOP 10 centered and 5th place in the general classification at the end of the English weekend.

Pierluigi Veronesi

“It was a difficult grand prix, many variables and a less than optimal physical condition in this GP. It is not easy to overtake on this track, which is just under 2 km long and the qualification plays a fundamental role; the variable rain did not help us. However, I am happy with these results because the Team proved to be solid and competitive even in adverse conditions and in situations that are not easy to manage; my mistake in race 2 at Graham Hill, when I went long in braking, caused me to lose seventh place. Fortunately we have not lost the gap from the leaders and we consolidate an important Top 5 in the general classification, maintaining the primacy among the Italians. “

Francesco Vignali

“The English weather does not betray this time either and in qualifying our conservative strategy was ruined by just 50 seconds of rain. This condition, on a track with no overtaking possibilities like Brands Hatch, penalized the results of both races. Despite having solidity and continuity over time, the position in the middle of the grid did not allow a climb to the top. We will take advantage of the summer break to work on the machine and arrive prepared in Most at the appointment of 28 and 29 August. “


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Double V Racing - Brands Hatch, UK