NEWS 2022 finals: Schober achieves the OVERALL Top-10!

The season ended on the Autodrom Grobnik crowning Alon Day and Liam Hezemans as winners at the end of an exciting weekend full of surprises. The Israeli won his fourth title in the PRO series, while the Dutch took the lead in EuroNASCAR 2 only in the last race, pipping Alberto Naska in extremis, who finished third at the finish line.

Great result for Double V Racing thanks to Patrick Schober, who conquers the overall Top-10 placing 10 out of 43 drivers and the Top-5 Rookie where he is 5 out of 18, in the EuroNASCAR 2 category.

A very positive season for the young Austrian driver who in his first experience in this competition has shown the right mix of talent, grit and ambition, fighting and often getting the better of high-level opponents with a lot of experience in EuroNASCAR. With a little more luck it could really have been a dream season.

Finally, a mandatory mention for the special “Patrick’s Halloween” livery dedicated to Patrick Schober and inspired by the famous Patrick Star from the cartoon Spongebob, specially designed by Double V Racing for this event and crowned by opposing teams and drivers as the best livery of the EuroNASCAR Finals 2022.


Qualify session conditioned by red flags, even 2, and in the few laps available Schober gets P13 on the grid. Once again in the middle of the group, Patrick starts well and immediately tries to recover positions, here in Grobnik points are worth double and it’s important to stay in the top 10. After 5 laps and 2 positions gained, the hunt for Delsaux in P10 starts. The Frenchman makes a mistake on lap 7 and our Mustang #27 gains the position. Next target: Colavita’s #47 which is only a few hundredths away and seems to be slower.
But not even time to study the attack and Lambert from behind misses a break going to hit the car of Schober that manages to keep it on track but loses so 2 positions. Patrick finished the first race P12.


A poor result in Race 1, Schober is all or nothing in the last race of the season, the goal is to overtake at least one opponent in the general standings to get into the Top-10, but he needs to score more points than Linster and Jouffreau. At the green light, an excellent starting point to overtake Linster who however closes the pass on Patrick by bumping him and conspicuously damaging the front of the car which, however, can miraculously continue without suffering too much in performance. On lap 3 the safety car comes out and it only starts again on lap 8, where Patrick slips through 3 opponents with a fantastic leap and immediately takes the P10. The Austrian rider is unleashed, a couple more overtakings and he is P8, but on the last lap bad luck strikes again: the front of the car comes off permanently by hitting the ignition switch and turning off the car. Game over. However, Schober conquers the overall Top-10, certainly the positive note at the end of these stormy finals.

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