Precious points for Double V at the Italian GP

In Vallelunga, the goal of the team was to do well in front of the home fans. It was a difficult weekend full of pitfalls, which gave everyone difficulties. But once again, we can say… goal achieved!

The third round of the Nascar Whelen Euro Series European Championship was very intense, where the drivers, like gladiators in ancient Rome, dueled fiercely and the cars paid the price, showing the signs of the battles on the Italian asphalt.

Our # 27 Ford Mustang also came out badly, but our drivers have collected valuable points. Stefano Attianese, new entry in Double V Racing as a driver in the EN PRO category, finished both races despite the damage suffered in the race, while Patrick Schober hit two fantastic Top-10s in EN2, earning a well-deserved P8 in the EN 2 championship standings.


Attianese is at his debut and must become familiar with the new car and with the PRO category which is very difficult and in qualifying gets only the P26. He decides to drive carefully, leads a diligent race, driving clean and studying the track and the car, avoiding getting entangled in bloody fights which inevitably lead to the exit of the usual safety car. The strategy is correct and, lap after lap, allows him to gain 7 positions, closing in P19 a really tough debut race.


The best time of race 5 sets Attianese again from the P26, but this time he wants to go back from first laps and adopts a more aggressive strategy. But the contention is even tougher than the previous race. Unfortunately, even the Mustang #27 pays the price this time and Stefano has to return to the pit lane with the front bumper visibly damaged. The mechanics are lightning-fast and arrange the car with greatness speed throwing it back on the track at the rear of the group. Attianese is hungry and tries to regain positions, but still once he gets hit hard by the Mustang #16 of Cappelli and the front of the car is totally destroyed. He doesn’t give up and manages to take the car to finish line by hitting once again a heroic P19.


Very short qualifications spoiled by 2 red flags, few laps available and Schober starts only in P17. But the start is always positive for him and this time too Patrick does not betray the expectations already earning 6 positions in the first corners. On lap 8 the safety car comes out and at the restart the race gets tough, Patrick fights for gain positions and finds himself in P8 but in the attempt to overcome the Koloc the two cars collide and a contact makes him lose his exhaust. The # 27 Mustang loses power and a couple of positions. Schober is forced to defend itself and maintain the P10 with determination.


In race 6 the # 27 Mustang starts from P13, recovers 3 positions in the first 3 laps and goes on the hunt for Delsaux. Very heated race among the first, where first Tziortzis breaks the engine, then the cars of Naska and Dubek goes into the gravel during a duel. Patrick takes advantage of it and is momentary P6. But Naska returns immediately recovering positions, Schober begins so a close duel with Malcharek’s Camaro #24 that in a couple of laps overtakes him. On lap 11 De Groot goes spinning and losing 6 positions, Patrick returns to P7. The last laps are very difficult, Linster with the Camaro #56 pushes hard, closer to the # 27 and on the last lap tries to overtake but Schober as a true warrior does not give up and keeps his position.

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